I agree that some businesses who are doing phenomenally well without even a website but I always wonder how much better you can be doing if you take some time to do one to inform, engage and convert your customers into buying.

Here are the 11 benefits that come along with creating a usable website for your products or services:

  1. Increase Profits – More visitors leads to more potential sales. You can now drive more people to your website by consistently updating and promoting the products or services on your site. The more informative your site is, the greater the possibility of increasing your sales and ultimately PROFITS!
  2. Increase Customers – Website helps you to generate more customers and sales. The Internet of Things offers a global community because your business will be visible even outside the city or country.
  3. Less Expensive Advertising your business through printed media, radio, television can be very expensive! Having a website will make promoting your products or services very less expensive. You can even make an update or changes anytime, making it much less expensive than printed material.
  4. Advertising – There are lots of ways to advertise your products or services through the internet either paid or free. Having a good search engine optimization (SEO) build into your website can boost the search ranking of which quickly results in increased sales and higher profits and it’s FREE!
  5. Build An Email List – You can send messages instantly to your customers through email if you have a new products or services. Also, your customers can review your products online and can also leave positive feedback for you and your business. You can even use your customers testimonial to grow your business and drive in more sales and profits.
  6. Increase Satisfaction – Your customer will be more likely to find what they’re looking for on your online site at anytime, anywhere. This will drive in more leads and make it easy for them to purchase from you later either thru online or when your shop open.
  7. More Accessible – You don’t have to close the doors of your business because an online site can be visited any time of the day or night. In fact customers are learning to research online before buying offline.
  8. Access Customers Information – You can track how many people visited your site, or how many people messaged or emailed you.
  9. Fresh Content – Smart business owners create a blog page for their business so that they can post fresh articles and keep their website look fresh and attractive all the time.
  10. Increase Authority Thru Links – If you have many websites linking to you, it is like spreading the word about your company all around the city or country. This is call viral marketing and it’s low costs but have great reach and sales conversion.
  11. Better Opportunity – A website can earn you positive feedback for your service and products. Now it gives you a chance to gain more potential customers that can help your business grow.

Those are just 11 important reason for a business owner to create a web presence. Why do you have one? Or why don’t you have one?